Father of two, motorcyclist, adventure rider, electric car driver, nerd and a IBD warrior.

As a nerd, of course i love my old 2014 Nissan Leaf. As a family we use it premary as a no.2 car

we have another car (that my wife use as a daily driver) to use for the long trips and to tow our caravan.

But I use my Leaf to everything else from to/from work, drive the children to school or put the canoe/bicyles on the roof.

When I´m out on the motorcycle I use my old but good BWM X-Challenge.

I love this bike, it does everything I want from tarmac to gravel to bad dirtroads.

It have Hyperpro suspension front with Mazocchi Shiver inserts, HyperPro suspension rear and Hotrod Welding luggage rack, X-Tank 9,5 liters extra fueltank, fotpeg lowers and protectionparts. Rayz Seat, Garmin Xumo XT navigation, LED low beam, Xenon highbeam, LED spot light + + +

This summer (2024)  my plan is to drive TET Denmark and parts of TET Sweden. https://transeurotrail.org/

New tires and 4mm HD hoses are ready.

I use to document my trips with a  Sony a6000 with a Zeiss ALC-SH127 16-70 objectiv. This days I use the iPhone 15 Pro.

I often shooting in RAW avd I use Affinity Photo both on the iPad Air and Mac mini.

We have  a Athom Homey Pro smarthub to control our home.

It controls the hotwater heating based on price for power. it's also controlling both el. car chargers and heating in house.

It also act as an house alarm and turn on/off power to TV, chargers for iPads ++

Did I told you I'm a nerd?

I have IBD (inflamatory Bowel Disease) / Ulcerative Colitis, had it since 1998.

It's a chronic disease, my immun system attacks my body.
The worst parts besides pain and urgency is that I never know where or when i got a flare.


Pictures from motorcycle trip to Russia in 2013

Youtube video from motorcycletrip to Russia

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